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Jen Kollasch Counseling, EMDR, IFS, Reiki, Intuition, Sensitive

& Rates

Informed consent invites empowered transformation....

I provide Individual Psychotherapy for people 18 years and older in Washington state. 

I am a licensed Mental Health Counselor LMHC in the state of Washington.  I offer clinical mental health support for individuals processing trauma, life transitions, and who identify as highly sensitive. I incorporate evidence based and psychologically supported theories and modalities to support our work together.  Some of the interventions may overlap with my coaching such as mindfulness, breathwork, intuition or Self and spiritual support, it is to support you, the Client's goals set for therapy. 


I provide Reiki to individuals of all ages. 

I am a trained Reiki practitioner who provides light touch, in person Reiki. I work with your individual chakras, meridians, and aura. You, the client, lay on a table, fully clothed in comfortable, loose clothing. I offer blankets and pillows for comfort. You are fully conscious during session. Underaged individuals are accompanied by a parent or guardian. 


I provide Inner Wisdom Coaching for individuals 18 years and older throughout the world. 

Coaching is different than counseling or psychotherapy and therefore does not require a license to practice, allowing me to cross state and country borders. Coaching is different than counseling as it is based on reconnecting and empowering your relationship with your intuition. While I do offer some overlapping techniques such as mindfulness, breath work, spiritual support, it is not processing of trauma or clinical mental health work.


I offer both in-office and virtual sessions for all services. 

Feel free to inquire how the service of choice is done if virtually or in-office if you have any questions. 


Payment is due at each session. Please give 48 hours' notice if you must miss a session, to avoid paying for your missed appointment. 

Fees of Services: 

  • 60 Minute Individual Psychotherapy or Inner Wisdom Coaching Sessions are $185.00.

  • 80 Minute Individual Psychotherapy or Inner Wisdom Coaching Sessions are $225.00.

  • 60 Minute Reiki sessions are $165.00.


I am an out of network, OON, provider. I do not take insurance. 

Your insurance plan may have an out of network policy.  If so, I am happy to supply you with a receipt for our services with correct billing and service coding for partial reimbursement. 

I do not take insurance as insurance contracts potentially limit the care I can give because of their regulations and access to client records. Additionally, the amount of time I have spent on tracking down insurance claims and looking into coverage took away from time spent on client care, research, education, and training. 

*Reiki and Inner Wisdom Coaching are not covered by insurance companies as they are seen as alternative medicine. 

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